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Meet the team of Loving Arms

"Hi, My name is Sharni and I am the Founder and Operations Manager for Loving Arms

It's a role that I absolutely love! I get to work with the most amazing team and meet the most beautiful of families. Loving Arms was formed during a time that was very difficult for our family. We knew what it was like to be without. In 2014 we finally went live and fast forward to 2022 we have had over 2200 families registered with us for help. From small things great things can happen.

Loving Arms is made up of a group of people that are passionate about helping new mums and their families not only survive but thrive. We aim to create a lineage of hope through love, support and education so they can, in turn, create a positive change for their families future. For nearly eight years our organisation has been active in the community. We have been helping and supporting new families with essential items, clothing and more costly items such as cots and car seats, not to mention providing support for families needing some extra encouragement."

Meet Zelda, our Team Leader

Zelda is a mother to two busy teenage boys. Zelda is passionate about helping young girls and families in need. When Zelda is not running after her boys, she enjoys baking and gardening.

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